Tired of feeling overwhelmed?

Ready to find peace in your home again?

Declutter your home with simple daily steps!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the appointments, work, kids activities, dinners and oh the paperwork? And then you come home ready to relax and kick of your shoes, yet the same feelings of overwhelm and crazy are at home too? 

Is it even possible to find peace in our homes again?  

In a word. Yes!

As someone who’s been there before (and still declutters regularly), Laura will send you a daily e-mail for 30 days with practical, simple steps that deal directly with the root of the problem and help you bring peace to your home!

Join the Challenge!

The 30-Day Less of a Hot Mess Declutter Challenge will help you:

  • Identify your trouble spots in your home and provide a comprehensive, step-by-step plan to break them down into manageable tasks. 
  • Overcome the overwhelm by focusing on one task at a time.
  • Pace yourself to conquer a large task, but with simple, laid out steps.
  • Discover the surprising joy of owning less, therefore spending less time organizing the mess.
  • Learn how to create more functional spaces for your family.
  • Gather innovative ideas for using items you already have in a new way in your home (keeping you more organized without spending any money)!
  • Find encouragement and inspiration from others who have completed the same challenge - and have lived to tell the tale.  

Hi there, I'm Laura!

And I believe that you deserve a peaceful refuge from the world this year.

I remember what it felt like to think the clutter in my home was going to reach up and choke the life out of me. I know all too well the lack of peace and the feelings of overwhelm. 

And my biggest desire is to share the simple steps I took with you!

It's been more than 3 years since I said - "that's it!" And my home is so much more peaceful now than it was on that day because I tackled the clutter. I did the work and my hope is that you will put in the practical daily steps toward peace.

I have no doubt that your life will be changed and your home wil be transformed at the end of this challenge. 

Also note: we’re not coming in like a wrecking ball and decluttering in a day; we’re going to be the tortoise (not the hare) and spend a little time each day tackling those hot spots.  

Slow and steady wins the race.  

And if you miss a day? You’re good, girlfriend! We have catch up days built in because we know life happens.  

The best part?? You will be successful and have a less cluttered home at the end of these 30 days.  

Why? Because we’re doing this together. Friends joining arms and tackling our spaces in glorious less-of-a-hot-mess fashion!  

Thanks for the tips, inspiration and “organizing wisdom” of not expecting an over-night redo. I try to do it in a day, get frustrated and have half mess/half organized. Happy I found you! 

 - Michelle

I wanted to tell you how inspiring your Less of a Hot Mess Challenge has been for me. My house is utter and complete chaos right now due to my daughter and her husband’s house being struck by lightning. Their house had extensive water and smoke damage but they were able to save their “stuff”, which now a lot of it is all over my house. I am overwhelmed! I am a complete pack rat by heart and so now there isn’t much hope for me. But reading your daily tips has given me hope that my house will not always be a mess. I will overcome the clutter! 

- LeeAnn

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